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FAQs - Scales

What does “tare” mean?

Tare is technically the weight of a container empty. Tare is used in weighing food by removing the weight of the container, plate or bowl so you are left with just the food weight. Essentially, tare allows you to add and weigh ingredients, getting only the weight of the ingredients you are weighing.

If you place a bowl on your kitchen scale, you don’t want the weight of the bowl. Press the tare button and the scale will reset to zero.

If you want to weigh more than one food in the same bowl, add the food, hit tare, and the readout goes to zero. You can then weigh the additional foods in the same bowl, just getting the weight of that additional food.

Why does my nutritional scale give me stats/data that differs from other sources?

Taylor nutritional scales use nutritional data provided by the USDA. We recommend using one source for getting your nutritional information, and if you use the Taylor scale, you should use that method consistently. There are many sources of nutritional information and all can vary by a degree, so it is not recommended to compare and see “what is right.” The right numbers are the ones you use consistently.

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