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Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers and Rain Gauges

The full line of Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers makes monitoring Mother Nature dependable and simple for anyone from the casually curious to the gardening guru. Perfectly blending function and design, these Taylor thermometers deliver fashionable decoration for the home or garden with features to meet any individual need – all built at a level of durability, accuracy and precision that’s been synonymous with the Taylor name since 1851.

Taylor 6" Dial Thermometers

The Taylor 6" dial thermometers provide accurate and dependable readings of outdoor conditions so users can plan for outdoor activities. These dependable and easy-to-read thermometers come in four different varieties, including Big Read Black on White (5630), ColorTrak (5631), Cardinal/Bunting (5632) and Hydrangeas (5633). Each design features a large easy-to-read face, is easy to install (mounting bracket included) and is weather resistant and rustproof.

Large Dial Outdoor Thermometers

The Large Dial Outdoor Thermometers are built for weather resistant durability and feature metal construction - including the Taylor exclusive metal bezel. Both models (497 and 49562) accurately display Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings. The large graphics and bold red indicator make them easy to read, even if read from indoor comfort. The Patio Clock (166) is built with the same weather resistant durability and features large easy-to-read numbers and bold red indicator.

Terra Cotta Thermometer

The Terra Cotta Thermometer and Clock (4910) provides a beautiful addition to a house or garden and features accurate, durable and weatherproof construction.

Poly Resin Thermometers

With many versions of Taylor Poly Resin thermometers available, people are sure to find one that suits their taste and budget. Each thermometer is weather resistant, has easy-to-read temperatures and a colorful design.

Window/Wall Thermometers

The Taylor line of Window/Wall Thermometers provide superior quality and durability. The 13 different styles (5535, 5536, 5132N, 5316N, 5135N, 5109, 5504, 5153, 5154, 5141, 5327, 5329 and 5379) provide the functions, features and styles to meet each individual need.

13 ½” Dial Thermometers

All 13 ½” Dial Thermometers have a molded dial design with stylish, contemporary silk screened graphics. Thermometers are accurate from -60°F to 120°F, shatterproof and feature an attractive glossy bezel that provides weather resistant durability.

Round Weather Station and Tube Thermometers

Taylor Round Weather Stations and Tube Thermometers provide superior outdoor temperature readings. Each model (5341N, 5342N, 6420, 6421, 6422, 6423, 6426, 6427, and 6428) features a metal housing, weather resistant finish and contemporary designs.

Taylor Suction Cup Thermometers

Choose from several different versions of the suction cup thermometer — 4.5” Hummingbird (4753), 4.5” Grapes (4754), 8.5” Hummingbird (5200), 8.5" Cardinal/Bunting (5201) or 8.5” Hydrangeas (5202). Also avaliable is a 3 1/2" round dial stick-on thermometer (5321N). The high quality suction cups provide quick and secure window mounting from inside or out. Each thermometer features bright, colorful graphics with an easy-to-read face.

Rain Gauges

Taylor also has developed the most dependable and accurate rain gauges for the backyard weatherperson in us all. All of Taylor’s rain gauges are weather resistant and easy to read. Models range from the most basic to more decorative models.Models include:

  • ClearVu® Rain Gauge (Model 2700N)
  • ClearVu® Rain/Sprinkler Gauge (Model 2702N)
  • ClearVu® Rain/Sprinkler Gauge (Model 2703N)
  • Jumbo Rain Gauge/Thermometer (Model 2704)
  • Glass Rain Gauge (Model 2710N)
  • 2 in 1 Rain Gauge (Model 2715)
  • Hummingbird Rain Gauge (Model 2713)
  • Wireless Digital Rain Gauge (Model 2750)
  • Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Thermometer (Model 2751)

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