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Taylor Precision Products Introduces Tools that Put You Precisely in Control at the 2009 International Home & Housewares Show

CHICAGO (March 2009) — Taylor Precision Products, the market leader in measurement accuracy, is putting the consumer back in control. Whether deciding to purchase products that are good for the environment, socialize as well as cook, provide a quick calculation to lose weight or avoiding increasing airline revenue are among those that will be introduced at the 2009 International Home & Housewares Show, Booth #L12315.

“We are providing the consumer with options to make better choices in their daily lives,” says Liz Wentland, director of marketing for Taylor. “Taylor’s new products put the consumer back in the driver’s seat with smarter selections to enhance their quality of life.”

In today’s eco-conscious world, consumers are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint and increase recycling. Taylor’s line of Green Living bathroom scales are 90% recyclable and/or make of recycled materials. Using solar power to operate the scale, recycled plastics and paper pulp to make and package the scale, consumers can also recycle these materials. Plus, Taylor is partnering with a factory in China that has won numerous awards for their environmental manufacturing process and requirement of their suppliers to follow green processes. That is a scale you can feel good about purchasing.

Allowing the home cook the freedom of movement from the kitchen, Taylor introduces a Wireless Cooking Thermometer that allows the cook to roam anywhere within 200 feet of the oven and grill, all while monitoring the progress of the roast, turkey or casserole. The handy remote pager will light up, sound an alarm and vibrate when the food is cooked to the target temperature. Plus, there are 2 pre alerts when the food is getting close. Easy to program to a type of meat, doneness level or a custom temperature, a timer function is also included when there are many courses to juggle. Perfect for the grill or the oven, the large readout and blue backlight make this the new must have kitchen accessory.

Sometimes, losing weight is as simple as calories in, calories out. The Taylor CalMax™ line of bath scales will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Simple to program, these handy scales will provide the calories needed to maintain the current weight, based on age, gender and activity level. Reduce the amount of calories and/or increase activity levels and lose weight. As weight is lost, the scale will adjust to the new body.

Frequent fliers now have the power to put excess baggage fees on stand-by with the arrival of the Luggage Scale. Featuring a comfortable hand grip, secure plastic clasp and sleek silver coloring, the scale allows consumers to weigh their suitcase before heading to the airport. Small and portable, the unit can be used at home or easily carried along while on the road.

Providing an elegance to enhance the look of a bathroom, Taylor’s Décor line of bath scales coordinates with today’s bath accessories styles. Etched glass platforms with damask, botanical and bamboo designs are subtle design updates, while realistic images utilizing “photo real” technology are intended to be a functional part of the overall bath design.

About Taylor Precision Products

Founded in 1851 by George Taylor, Taylor Precision Products is a leader in the precision measurement industry and is marketed under the Taylor brand. Acquired in 2002 by HoMedics, the industry leader in innovative personal care, health and wellness products, Taylor continues to help consumers live better, healthier and more fulfilling lives.